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Box Office Platen Cleaner

CCM is proud to offer you the best platen conditioning system on the market. The Box Office Platen Cleaner is for all automatic diecutters and will give you up to 50% less set-up time and a 5-35% reduction in pressure.  The rust molecule is 10 times thicker than iron and is unstable.  It's like foam- when you press it, it moves. It causes problems for patching, requiring more and more patching and pressure over time.

With the Box Office Platen Cleaner, there is no need for a skilled technician- there's no need for dismantling or cutting of the chain.  It provides faster and better cleaning- the upper and lower sides are cleaned in one movement.  And all the cleaning solvents are food safe.

Box Office Cleaning System Features

  • Unit is aluminum instead of plastic like some on the market
  • Has a strong steel handle that is 1/2” thick
  • Has inner locking plates instead of pressure fitted
  • Comes with mechanical clamps on the plates instead of Velcro
  • The air regulator attaches to the handle
  • Adapter available at extra cost